Questions Answered About Our Driveway & Patio Cleaning Services

How long will it take to complete?

Every job is different, we aim to get the cleaning completed in one day (depending on the size of area). We will have to return to your property to re-sand and add a sealant if required. We aim to complete every job within one week (weather dependent).

How long will it last?

Again every job is different. We recommend cleaning driveways and patios every one to two years to keep them in tip top condition.

Will you beat any like for like quote?

We do not promise to beat quotes from other driveway cleaning companies.There are many other companies that will be slightly cheaper than us, but the quality of their work falls far below our standards. Our policy is simple, a fair price for work carried out to the highest standard.

Why should we hire you instead of doing it ourselves?

There are plenty of reasons why you should hire us instead of using a domestic pressure washer. If you have tried cleaning your own driveway/patio you will understand how messy and time consuming it can become. Once you have started you have to finish and it can become increasingly tiring. The specialist machinery we use is purpose built to tackle the toughest of jobs in a safe manner, the results are significantly better than those that can be achieved with a domestic or semi professional pressure washer.

What machinery do you use?

We use the best on the market. We do not settle for second best. All our machinery is manufactured by Honda. We mainly use 20hp, 3600psi pressure washers, Our rotary cleaners are up to 30 inches in diameter and are connected to the Honda machine. These tools are fantastic, they have a nylon brush skirt around the edge and three jets inside, producing less mess and splashing against the property. The results are truly amazing.

Do you offer a weedkiller treatment?

Yes we can apply weedkiller after cleaning to prevent weeds from re-emerging for six months. We can return after six months to re-apply and keep surfaces weed free all year round.

Do you use any chemicals?

Not during the cleaning process, we only use water. But if you require any stain treatment or sealing then yes we have to. But we will advise accordingly.

Can you remove stains?

Yes we can remove some stains including oil, paint and diesel. These are the most popular stains. We can usually remove approximately 80 - 90% of the stain. No other company can remove oil stains as effectively as we can in Birmingham. Our regular clients include, Mercedes of Solihull, Ford of West Bromwich, and Audi. In some certain circumstances not all of the stain can be removed. But this depends how stubbon and how long they have been on the surface. If you have any stains that are not listed above please contact us and we can try and advise.

Do you need the use of our water?

Yes we require the use of your water, ideally we require an outdoor water tap. If you have not got an outdoor water tap, we may have to use an indoor tap. This will be checked on our initial visit.

Are your staff fully trained?

Yes our staff are fully trained to use our high tech machinery and equipment.

Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured for your complete peace of mind.

Will you leave our property clean and tidy?

Cleaning driveways and patios can be a very messy job during the cleaning process. We promise to leave your property clean and tidy as we originally found it, we will also take away any bags of muck.

Any more questions?

If you have any more questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.